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Comes to LIFEhouse Saturday, September 19
LIFEhouse Church has been involved in Stephen Ministry since 2005. We currently have 26 people from our congregation who serve as Stephen Ministers- well-trained caregivers who provide high-quality, one-on-one Christian care to people experiencing various difficulties in life.
On September 19, we are representing Stephen Ministry for all of California as we host this training event. This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn more about Stephen Ministry and how they can be involved. As an ally of the LIFEhouse community, this is also a service opportunity for you to be involved. Find out more about this 9 a.m.-1 p.m. event here and/or call Vickie@ the church office, 818-885-6861.

The High School youth who traveled to the Youth Gathering in Detroit last month want to thank everyone for their support by hosting a FREE pancake breakfast. Following breakfast, there will be a presentation of the highlights.


The breakfast will be immediately following worship on August 23rd. There will be one worship service at 10 a.m.