We will have our Holy Spirit Retreat for the Blackberry Bush Course this Saturday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

We meet at LIFEhouse in the Hall.  Continental Breakfast and Lunch are included.

“Free Refills” is the theme.

We will spend time learning, discussing, worshiping, and praying, all the while connecting with each other and God.

Everyone is invited to attend, even if you haven’t been to the course, yet.


It appears God has prewired nature and certainly our own nature to do most of our growth during stress, hardship and brokenness. Even though this is the case, we often don’t realize it until after the fact. How God does this is going to vary, but there are certain principles he seems to have in place.

The life of Joseph is a great springboard on this topic.

Saturday, October 18, at 8 a.m. Pastor Dana and David Hanson will lead a hike in the local mountains for people of all ages. We are hiking the Caballero Canyon Trail, located on the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains in Tarzana. Caballero Canyon Trail is a straightforward dirt single track that ascends 625 feet over 1.7 miles. Caballero Canyon Trail makes a satisfying 3.4-mile round trip hike.


Remember, this hike is for everyone (also dogs on a leash are permitted). This is a great chance to bring your friends and meet new ones, enjoy God’s natural world, and get a little healthier! We will meet at the trailhead, which is all the way at the southern end of Reseda Blvd., near Braemar Country Club. There is plenty of roadside parking.



Holy Spirit BB Bush Course







The Holy Spirit Course in the Blackberry Bush Course is in full swing. Why not join us this Thursday, September 25@ 6 p.m. and enjoy the time of friendship, food, learning and growing?


Free Childcare

6-8 p.m.

Remember: This course is like a circular bus route with lots of stops. As a student, you can get on the bus at any time, ride as long as you like, and get off the bus at any time. Each session is “stand alone” and requires no previous experience.